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Federal Crop Agency’s founder, Billy Ray, started Federal Crop Agency after WWII where he was a bomber pilot. He had some incredible experiences in the war, and wrote a book about them. We are linking it HERE if you want to read about it!

In the 1980’s, Billy dedicated himself to crop insurance. Billy helped build the foundation of crop insurance to what it is today, by working with policy makers in Washington DC to help create good risk management policies for growers.

Founder: Billy G. Ray

In 1995, Billy Ray brought in his son, Chris Ray, to share in the business’ of working hard to help the program be successful for our farmers. Continuing this mission, of helping to provide the best risk management possible was important to Billy, and he passed that same desire and passion on to his son, Chris Ray. 

Federal Crop Agency has been around ever since! From the industry changes, to economy changes, not to mention weather! Billy Ray, and then his son, Chris Ray, have dedicated a huge piece of their lives to crop insurance and the customers they served.

Chris Ray

Federal Crop Agency, is dedicated to continuing to serve the agriculture community for years to come. In the dedication to this mission, Chris Ray, sold the agency to a long term friend in Crop Insurance, Nicholle Renshaw. She has worked in crop insurance since 2006 and with Federal Crop Agency since 2011 in many different capacities. Nicholle is dedicated to carrying on the passion for agriculture and commitment to customer service that Federal Crop Agency has built its legacy on. 

Federal Crop Agency is still here, and we will be…year after year, standing beside you, to weather the storm together!

Nicholle Renshaw & Chris Ray

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