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Federal Crop Agency is an expert agency aimed at making sure your crops and your business is protected from the unexpected.

Crop Insurance Products

Causes of Loss
The Historical Cause of Loss database allows users to access the percentage breakdown of crop insurance loss payments attributed to perils including: drought, excess moisture, hail, freeze, wind and other reported causes.

Loss Estimation Worksheet
The Loss Estimation worksheet is a loss estimator that demonstrates the differences in how losses are calculated under various plans of insurance.

MPCI Dates
Historical Participation Data provides a perspective of how much insurance has been purchased and the loss history associated with the protection in place.

MPCI Industry Data
Viewing data for disaster years quickly illustrates the importance and value of crop insurance. The database allows users to view historical information for a range of years by state, county, and crop.

Revenue Loss Trigger Worksheet
Crop-Hail coverage provides protection against any yield reductions caused by hail and/or fire. More information on Crop-Hail Endorsements can be found under Private Products & Endorsements.


Crop Insurance Resources

  • Agri General Insurance Company®
  • ACE Companies
  • American Association of Crop Insurers
  • National Agricultural Statistics Service
  • National Crop Insurance Services®
  • Risk Management Agency
  • NCGA Biotech Reference Guide

Political Resources

  • House Ag Committee
  • Senate Ag Committee
  • United States House of Representatives Listing
  • United States Senate Listing
  • Contacting the Congress

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